AAAA Pink Push Pops


You won’t find this strain anywhere, it’s grown by one of the best local craft growers and the strain was produced by the legendary strain producer @exotic_genetixmike. Small batch, craft cannabis at the absolute highest level in the world.

Pink Push Pop is an ultra rare indica-dominant hybrid marijuana strain made by crossing Mandarin Cookies x Clementine x Kumquat. This strain produces uplifting and euphoric effects that leave the consumer feeling buzzy. Pink Push Pop features an extra smooth flavor profile that smells sugary and tastes like bright berry and milky candy. This strain is potent and is best reserved for experienced cannabis consumers. Medical marijuana patients choose Push Pop to help relieve symptoms associated with chronic depressionanxiety, and PTSD. According to growers, this strain features icy trichomes on top of bushy light green and orange buds with tons of pinkish purple undertones. This strain was originally bred by Exclusive Seeds and Exotic Genetix.

Indica Dominant Hybrid – 75% / 25%

THC: 25+%


Earn up to 2,300 Mary Rewards.


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