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Ambrosia Skunk

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This hybrid strain is buttery and earthy with tropical notes. It will give you a happy and tingly body high that is used to treat stress and depression.

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In Greek mythology, Ambrosia was a fragrant “food of the God’s”, sometimes used as a perfume. A food that was reserved for divine beings.

Ambrosia Skunk is a hybrid in the orange family and is a powerful, easy to grow strain. This strain grows well indoors and outdoors and produces extra large, fragrant dense buds covered with lots of sticky crystals and mesmerizing orange hairs. Ambrosia Skunk offers a citrus taste when smoked and follows up with a solid body high.

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3 reviews for Ambrosia Skunk

  1. Kcool

    Liked this one a lot, found it quite woodsy and sticky. Smoked a couple times with great results, a pretty intense high, lasts a long time. Made me very energetic and happy, couldn’t wipe the smile off my face, then slowly trails off into a lovely hazy state. However, I would be careful if you are prone to anxiety freak-outs, I smoked a LOT of this one night and had a bad time. That is my fault though, this is a wonderful trippy strain and it made me laugh quite a lot! Enjoy it.

  2. Tom

    This bud gets a five star review just for how great it smells. Your nose won’t ever bleed again 😉 Amazing high that seems to be perfectly between sativa and indica. Imagine that dank strain that got stepped on by a T rex and went extinct. Idk tho.

  3. Janet

    A wonderful hybrid with accent on the sativa side if things. Very pleasant, clearheaded, fun stone. Not as many profound insights & cosmic thinking as a good sativa, but also very little anxiety or paranoia.

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