BUD Edibles – Cannabis Infused Treats

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Bud Edibles are created with the thought of being able to stay medicated on the go in smaller doses. The candies come in a variety of flavours so we are sure you will find the one you like. They are all 25 mg THC or CBD per piece and we recommend starting slow and waiting 45 minutes to an hour before indulging more, as they are very tasty. The are created by infusing premium cannabis distillate or 99.8% premium hemp derived CBD oil. The THC packs come in either 150 mg or 250 mg variety packs and the CBD packs come only in 250 mg packs.


Earn up to 44 Mary Rewards.


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Strawberry 150, Sour Kids 150, Mixed Berries 150, Watermlon 150, Sour Keys 150, Fuzzy Peach 150, Coke Bottle 150, Gummy Bears 150, Bananas 150, Blue Foot 150, Grape 150, Cherry Blaster 150, Peach Rings 150, Variety Pack 250, CBD Gummy Bears 250, CBD Swedish Berries 250, CBD Blackberries 250, CBD Gummy Bears 150, CBD Banana 150, CBD Watermelon 150, CBD Fuzzy Peach 150, CBD MultiVitamin Teddies 250

2 reviews for BUD Edibles – Cannabis Infused Treats

  1. Kristi Kinoshita (verified owner)

    Good soft hitting high with great flavours for all the tastebuds out there.

  2. Rædwulf♡1212 (verified owner)

    Tastes good, the high is relaxing but not heavy, good for casual use when you’re running errands, calling a friend or just relaxing, at one dose of course (; Can help you sleep if you take more than one. Also, you moght feel like you’re tripping depending on your dosage and tolerance.

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