Cannabis Vape Pens – Girl Scout Cookies

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40% THC Content per pen – Hybrid – A beautiful balance of Sativa and Indica. This hybrid strain features euphoric, uplifting effects combined with deep, full body effects.

Vaporizer pens are much more discreet than smoking a joint or a one-hitter in public. They also accentuate a cleaner crisper flavor.

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Girl Scout Cookies Distillate Pen by Happy Face Brand

Happy Face brand is rolling out their newest product – Disposable Distillate Pens! Available in Girl Scout Cookies flavor, these pens are made of high-grade THC Distillate. The pen has 650 mg of THC extract. Each pen has approximately 100 puffs depending on the length of your inhale. What makes these pens even better is that there is no need to turn them on, simply start inhaling through the top.

The distillate is a high-grade marijuana product that is very potent. Up to 98%THC, the distillate is an amazing product, especially for those with a high tolerance. If you need a high dose, potent product for pain management, insomnia, stress etc, this is a must try. The pens emit a sweet smelling smoke and are discreet. Easy to slip into a pocket or purse, they are perfect for on the go, inconspicuous medicating.

Flavors: Sweet, Piney, Earthy.

Medical: Stress, Depression, Loss of appetite, Insomnia, Pain.

3 reviews for Cannabis Vape Pens – Girl Scout Cookies

  1. Alaric

    These are great. Super smooth, discreet and work fantastic. I’ll be purchasing again!

  2. Cary

    Uugghh if I could explain how much I love these pens .. I just can’t I am not good with words. I got the cbd one and a 1:1 Indica and it is love . I’m like.. hardly noticing anything coming out then just giant smoke plumes .no throat irritation like from other pens I have tried. It’s love.

  3. Aiken

    Very smooth potent, worth every penny!!!!

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