Everest Budder


A cannabis concentrate with a soft, solid consistency similar to a stick of butter. Budder is one of many concentrate textures and appears in Rosin and many solvent-based extractions. A phenomena called “auto-buddering” can occur with extracts that have not been winterized if they are exposed to fluctuating temperatures or excess humidity.

Strain List:

  • Dank Shroeder – indica dominant 80/20
  • Black D.O.G. – indica dominant 85/15
  • Diamond OG – Hybrid 50/50
  • Purple Monkey Balls – Hybrid 50/50



Earn up to 70 Mary Rewards.



EVEREST budder

When choosing a partnering supplier, the most important thing for us was transparency. After walking through their lab and being able to see the process, what we noticed that was very important to us was that they used fresh flowers, not trim or stale cannabis. The other thing we noticed were purging ovens that they had on for a minimum of 5 days for small batches and 7 days for large batches. This ensures that the budder did not have any left over butane left in the final product. A difference you can taste and enjoy. Just clean, honeycomb like, insanely potent and tasty budder. This is why when you smoke their budder, you can taste the difference.

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Dank Shroeder, Black D.O.G., Diamond OG, Purple Monkey Balls, MK Ultra, Wedding Cake, Death Bubba, Cali Bubba, Jack Herer, El Jefe, Pink Kush, Golden Pineapple


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