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Relive your childhood memories from our lollipops and experience that “good feeling” achieved though exact measurements of our concentrates. Each lollipop contains 10mg of concentrate (4 lollies per package).

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Marijuana lollipops are a great way to enjoy your weed products while being inconspicuous. Mary Jane’s lollipops taste great and are perfect for house parties. Getting party goers to relax and just enjoy the moment are what these lollipops are all about.

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3 reviews for Lollipop

  1. nadia

    Taste was okay since I could taste the cannabis flavour through the candy, a lot (I ordered Blueberry). It lasted about 12 hours for me, which was longer than what I’m used to. Would recommend to eat half at first to test it. This creeped up on me and every half hour I was feeling it kick in again. It’ll go away for a bit but then come right back if I moved a lot.

  2. Denton

    Flavour was good, though you can taste the weed and is a bit grainy.
    The high was really good, you definitely can get pretty high from just the one.
    If you are someone like myself who suffers from depression, anxiety and PTSD this is a great way to let your mind and body relax and have a great sleep waking up fresh as fuck!
    Will be repurchasing for sure.

  3. Elton

    Tried watermelon and raspberry I think. Maybe strawberry. I enjoyed the taste. Sweet and slightly weedy. Nice.
    Licked it for a little then put it away. Didn’t feel medicated. Licked it for a bit the second time. Still didn’t feel medicated. Ate the whole thing and it took a little while but I felt the effects. Overwhelming. Like with the MOTA Black, I realized a dose of 150 mg of THC without CBD is over-medicating for me.
    Had a 2nd lolly a few days later. Didn’t find it as potent. Guessing over-medicating raised my tolerance…temporarily ?

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