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Orange Bud

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A potent hybrid strain of the skunk family with scents of orange and nectarine. Creates a happy – uplifting effect that helps treat stress and depression.

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Orange Bud is an Indica-dominant strain that has won many awards since the 1980’s and has a THC count of up to 16.5 percent. Tasting like a complex mix of tropical citrus, cloves, and mint this strain generates a large amount of euphoric energy that relaxes users and lifts their moods up.

Some are inspired to create, while others find it good for meditation. This strain is known to be very thought-provoking as well. New users may find the body buzz imparted by this strain as strong enough to be narcotic and couch-locking.

Orange Bud cannot escape delivering the common downsides to cannabis use, which include dry mouth and eyes, paranoia, anxiety and headaches, especially when consumed in larger doses.

For the majority of medical users, this strain will be useful all day long, especially when providing relief from even severe aches and pains due to its anti-inflammatory properties. The mood elevating effects of Orange Bud may help reduce anxiety and stress as well. It may also be used to calm nausea, and for some, fight off the effects of insomnia.

Orange Bud was developed by Dutch Passion as a combination of two purebred skunks of unknown origins. The strain can be grown by growers with any level of experience both indoor and out. Requiring between eight and nine weeks to finish flowering, Orange Bud does particularly well in a Sea of Green technique. Since the introduction of the original Orange Bud, there have been at least two other strains that have also been named Orange Bud but are bred with various other strains.

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3 reviews for Orange Bud

  1. Nell

    An awesome strain that is! Very nice smoke, burns to white ash if grown organic and cured well. Best to be cut at 70% white and 30% amber trichs – that’s when it’s most potent… It usually takes about 63-65 days of flowering to get there. When smoked in smaller quantities, it gives a very nice uplifted high. Absolutely opens my mind up for ANY ideas… Of course, the more you smoke, the more ideas become less understandable when not high, but it’s like it clears my mind up… After smoking a bit more, the trippy part comes in. It starts with a very nice relaxing couch-lock and a many trips. Then, after like 2 hours, it sweeps you off your feet and you’re ready to dance and have a lot of fun.

  2. the reaf

    Got a new harvest. This one is in definite something you like to consume if your bones are hurting and every single movment feels like frozen hell. When being alone, this strain tends to make me very relaxed, sleepy and produces some gentle hallucinations which I really enjoy. But when having company, it make me talkative, giggly and I feel energized and happy.

  3. Kimberly

    I love this one. The first time I tried this I was so impressed with the scent. You almost don’t even need incense. I love the smell & taste but, the way it makes me feel…I packed my water pipe, took a few hits & the next thing I know I have candles lit everywhere, Enigma’s “Dreaming of Andromeda” playing on repeat while cooking. Sex feels almost tantric with this. It makes you feel sensual. It heightens all of your senses. I feel calm, sweet, loveable, relaxed & sexy with Orange bud…my favorite by far.

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