Pacific Pure Tinctures – CBD and THC



Extreme (1500mg CBD)
High (1000mg CBD)
Low (500mg CBD)


High – 1500mg THC

Low – 750mg THC

Balance – 500mg CBD : 500mg THC 1:1

All of Pacific Pure’s CBD products start with a pure hemp derived CBD isolate and are virtually free of all THC coming fully lab tested in Vancouver at 99.77% pure CBD. It is mixed with a premium, organic MCT coconut oil to deliver an exact dose of CBD for erveryone, no matter what your needs.

The CBD is imported from a Colorado-based hemp grower, overseen from seed, to soil, to harvest. Their expert team has the experience and resources necessary for success to offer high CBD flower, genetics and extracts.

In addition to promoting overall well-being, this CBD oil may help improve focus and mental clarity, reducing feelings of anxiety and depression. IT may also help reduce physical pain symptoms, such as inflammation, muscle pain and arthritis.

All Pacific Pure THC tinctures are made from premium distilled thc that tests at 94% THC. The beauty of the product starts from the best possible starting ingredient and then carefully mixed to give you an accurate dosing of THC everytime.

Pacific Pure tinctures can be taken multiple times per day and should be taken orally or mixed into your favorite drink.


Pacific Pure understands the importance of the breadth and depth of Mother Nature’s gift to human kind, working endlessly to bridge the gap between her and the people who suffer.


Earn up to 140 Mary Rewards.


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500mg CBD, 1000mg CBD, 1500mg CBD, 750mg THC, 1500mg THC, 1:1 CBD:THC


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