Smoking Etiquette with Friends

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Hi, fellow stoners and first-time pot smokers! I am a chronic weed consumer and I thought it would be a good idea to post a few rules regarding stoner etiquette. These are some pretty basic courtesy rules to abide by when having a pot smoking session with your homies.

Basics rules to being a friendly stoner

I will start with two very basic rules right off the bat. If you find yourself hosting a weed smoking session at your pad, make sure you clean your bong! Smoking pot out of a nasty bong will ruin the taste your delicious cannabis buds. Another important rule for stoners smoking weed with other people, don’t babysit a joint or a blunt. Puff once or twice and pass it around. Don’t bogart that joint! These two rules are basic and important when it comes to hanging out with your friends. Whether you are a seasoned weed consumer or you are smoking pot for the first time, it is important to have good stoner etiquette.

Should I show up with weed to a pot-smoking session with friends?

First off you’ve been invited to join a group of new buddies who all smoke together. It’s sort of like a dinner party you want to bring something to consume such as weed or hash. You may also need to bring or have on hand is a way to consume your product such as a pipe or papers. It’s like asking if should bring wine glasses or a bottle of wine to a dinner party? You know the answer. This is a great gesture to your new friends since your showing that you aren’t coming to the table empty handed and you are more likely to be invited back again for another session.

What are some different ways of smoking weed?

So you’re in a general group setting getting ready to smoke your cannabis, we’ll just say for the sake of knowledge a few of the most common ways you will be smoking within a group. There is a bong which is a glass piece that filters the smoke through water to cool the smoke before it enters your lungs. A bubbler is a smaller version of a bong but still uses water to cool the smoke. A pipe which is the simplest and uses no water filtration can be harsher on the lungs like a joint or blunt. A blunt or a joint, which is very common when you’re not in a sit-down style session, is a tobacco or paper wrap that you use to roll the marijuana like a cigarette and smoke it. Nothing beats an awesome weed smoking session with your friends where everyone is having a good time getting stoned.

What is a carb?

If you are in weed smoking session involving various smoking utensils, here are some basics when being passed a bong or pipe so you can look like you know what you are doing when it comes to smoking sticky green. Most pipes and bongs have carbs. Often times, first-time pot smokers don’t know what a “carb” is. A “carb” which is an air inlet hole that you plug up to take a toke of some cannabis buds.

Giving back a spent bowl is not polite.

When smoking weed with your buddies, it is a polite gesture to ask if you can “snap it”. People either pack community bowls or individual bowls of weed. “Snapping” a bowl packed with weed is basically finishing it off. If you are smoking a community bowl, it’s important to be conscious of how many people are left in the rotation so everyone gets a fair hit out of weed. I want to mention one last thing about community bowls. if you are passing the pipe or bong after the bowl it is finished or “cashed”, just clear it out. It’s always courteous to make sure you do not “pass your trash” which means not clearing your bowl of leftover ash.

Don’t bogart that joint!

If you are being passed a blunt or a joint, it is a good general rule to “puff, puff, pass”. This means a couple two drags off the weed blunt/joint and then immediately pass the joint to your left and which is the usual direction to pass in a circle of pot smokers smoking together in a group. It’s important that the joint or blunt doesn’t just continue to burn without someone taking weed rips as this is pretty wasteful and that is something no self-respecting pot smoker would ever do. Lastly, always thank someone for “smoking you out”, letting you smoke their weed. Whenever possible it is always nice to the favor of supplying some seriously dank pot for friends.

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